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See whats going on with Trident Marine Systems

Trident Marine Systems, in its efforts to attract Latin American clients, has been in the process of engineering a large water processing plant in the heart of Honduras. This plant will be made up of A WG (air to water) units in the capacity of 280,000 gallons per day. Trident Marine Systems is engineering the power plant for a capacity of 5 megawatt, which will be supplemented by the local utility on a normal usage day. The 5 megawatt plant will be used in the event of a grid failure due to a hurricane or other reasons. Trident Marine Systems is responsible for engineering housing for the generators switchgear and the fuel farm for the plant and the storage of the processed water up to 500,000 gallons. This plant will also supply water to the residents of the central Honduras areas where it is very arid and the local water is highly polluted. Trident Marine Systems will be working very closely with the local and federal governments to employ local labor for the installation of the housing, plumbing also the set up and building of the repair and maintenance sites at all plant locations for the equipment's and the generators. Trident Marine Systems expects if all approved to be on line in full operation in 2015.