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See whats going on with Trident Marine Systems

Trident Marine Systems was referred by the company, Quantum Stabilizers regarding the vessel named The Octopussy, now named Octavia. The system was found to be completely disassembled and condemned by several local stabilizer and service companies, following the submittal of several large priced quotes in excess of $250,000.00, was asked to inspect and quote the project. After Trident Marine Systems surveyed all of the existing boxes of parts and pieces that was presented to Trident Marine Systems, the decision was made to go ahead and inventory the parts and obtain all the missing parts that were needed. After cleaning, priming, and painting of all the components, Trident Marine Systems prevailed in assembling all the large components of the 403 Naiad Systems. After the assembly, flush and complete test of entire system, Quantum Stabilizers was called in to check their controls which were retrofitted on the vessel beforehand. After a dry run with the fins off of the shafts, Quantum Stabilizers had determined that the job was successfully completed. With the fins up, the vessel was ready to be launched. Trident Marine Systems billing was less than $50,000.00 compared to the $250,000.00 originally submitted by other companies.