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The Islander: Due to the constraints of a tight charter schedule on a successful charter vessel The Islander, Trident Marine Systems was asked to replace 2 worn out 165 KW Caterpillar generators onboard in a few remaining days of a large refit. Due to the late arrival of the newly purchased Northern Light 185 KW Gensets, the vessel's sailing schedule was in jeopardy of being delayed. Trident Marine Systems, took charge on a Thursday of the project, obtained the needed resources and initiated the task of the removal and the installation of the 2 new 185 KW Generators to be completed the following Monday in order to maintain their itinerary. With the adequate resources and rigging staff, along with the electrical division of Trident Marine Systems, this task was not only completed on time, but additional services were completed, including several mechanical modifications that were required for the new Northern Lights Gensets. This included exhaust, fuel and raw water pumping modifications. The generators were loaded, tested and final checks were made for the vessel to be on its way to Europe the next day.